Kelly Myers

Kelly Myers

Senior VFX Supervisor / Supervisor CG Supervisor / 19 yrs

Las Vegas, NV

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CG supervisor

Confessions of an Exorcist (2020)

Visual Effects Artist

The Christmas Cabin (2019)

Cgi Artist

Beyond the Line (2019)

Pieces and Parts (2018)

Visual Effects Artist

2307: Winter's Dream (2017)

CG Supervisor / Visual Effects Artist

Iron Sky (2012)

Visual Effects Artist

Strike Back (2011)

Visual Effects Artist

How the Universe Works (2010)

CG Designer / CG Supervisor / Lighting Artist / Modeler / Render Manag

The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon (2008)

Visual Effects Consultant / Digital Video Effects

Battlestar Galactica (2005)

VFX Supervisor

Wardevil (Digi-Guys)

I'm available for work on independent and studio level VFX productions and games.
If you need your show "rescued", you want to talk to me. I deliver and I have the people who can get it done. FAST.
Work History
  • Founder

    Liberty3D - Computer Graphics Resources.

    January 2010 - Present

    Liberty3D is the premier site dedicated to training through new media and assets for computer graphics applications. Specializing in LightWave 3D and other professional software applications, Liberty3D's members have decades of production experience between them the Film, TV and gaming industries.

  • Founder

    Liberty3D - Computer Graphics Resources.

    December 2009 - Present
    World Wide

    Founder of Since its founding in 2009 and launch in 2010, Liberty3D has grown to become the largest and most diverse source of LightWave3D and 3D-Coat Training in the world doubling in sales every year.
    We have over 200 products in our store ranging from plug-ins for LightWave3D to thousands of hours of training videos for LightWave3D, 3D-Coat, Zbrush, World Machine, PhotoShop and more.

  • VFX/CG Artist

    Declaration Pictures Inc.

    January 2008 - Present

    Back to work for myself at Declaration Pictures Inc. VFX along with several other top end Lightwave and Fusion VFX artists from around the world. We make the impossible happen when others say its impossible.

  • Executive Producer / Writer

    Declaration Pictures Inc.

    October 2007 - Present

    Founder, Executive Producer, Writer for Declaration Pictures.

  • Executive Producer, Head DJ and Co-Founder

    Black Tiger Recordings

    April 2002 - Present

    Head of Black Tiger Recordings and the NKME Ltd. Label group specializing in Trance/Tech/Electro dance music.

    Executive Producer and Mastering Engineer on 13 12" vinyl phonograph releases featuring artists such as Incolumis, eMortal, Jon Cates, D-Wave, trance[]control and many others.
    Internationally known DJ having released several dozen DJ mixed compilations over the last 11 years.
    Owner/Operator of Black Tiger Recordings Radio and Radio, one of the longest running radio stations online having been in iTunes before it was iTunes (applica

  • VFX/CG Supervisor

    Declaration Pictures Inc.

    March 2008 - February 2022

    VFX/CG supervisor for small independent films and MOWs produced around the world.

  • Executive Producer/Creator - Stasys - The Series

    Declaration Pictures Inc.

    July 2012 - February 2020
    Vancouver, Canada Area

    Executive Producer and Creator of the all CG/Stereoscopic webseries "Stasys"
    Other duties include Stereoscopic Supervisor, Digital Animation Supervisor, VFX Artist, Writer, Director.

  • President

    Dalton Industries Inc.

    January 2014 - March 2016

    President of Dalton Industries Inc.
    Please visit - for more info.

  • Technical Director | Stereoscopic Consultant

    Global Mechanic

    January 2012 - September 2012
    Vancouver, Canada Area

    Technical Director and Stereoscopic Consultant, LightWave3D artist, mocap monkey and CG supervisor type animal for "Impromptu" - Stereoscopic, All CG short film.

  • LightWave3D Visual FX Artist and CG Supervisor

    Energia Productions

    March 2011 - January 2012

    I got drafted! I'm fighting space nazis!
    (LightWave3D animation, lighting, VFX artist and squad leader)

  • CG Supervisor/Lead VFX Artist

    Ish Media

    July 2009 - September 2009

    Lead VFX Artist and CG Supervisor for the Ish Media production "Welcome to the Cosmos".

  • CG Supervisor/Lead VFX Artist

    Ish Media

    May 2009 - August 2009

    Lead VFX Artist and CG Supervisor for Australian TV Pilot "Welcome to the Cosmos" Directed by Nick Hallam, produced by Ish Media Inc. Australia.

  • CG Supervisor, Kat of all ages :)

    Front Street Pictures

    March 2008 - January 2009

    CG Supervisor of Front Street Pictures
    -Lost Treasure of The Grand Canyon
    -Merlin: Book Of Beasts

  • VFX Supervisor

    Wardevil (Digi-Guys)

    2007 - 2008

    Supervised the VFX.

  • VFX Supervisor, Kat. Force that cannot be ignored.


    2007 - 2008

    When you need to get it done. Go over their heads.

  • VFX Consultant

    Battlestar Galactica

    April 2005 - February 2007

    VFX consulatant for Battlestar Galactica Season II, Season III. Over 30 episodes. Emmy Award Winner for Best Visual FX in a Dramatic Series - BSG episode 303B
    Vancouver Film Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • IT guy


    1999 - 1999

    General I.T. duties, network administration.