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Efficient, Personalized, and Proven VFX Recruitment

Work with the best VFX & Animation talent in the industry. Our extensive network and decade of experience means that we can connect you with high-quality, pre-vetted candidates ready to hit the ground running.

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Our Expertise

With a decade worth of industry knowledge and proven experience connecting high-end talent with Visual Effects and Animation studios, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of VFX recruitment. We have used this insight to develop Zerply Concierge. Our hands-on approach will help you source talent faster, build great teams and scale up efficiently as the production deadline looms.

As we see the industry embrace the unprecedented demand for high-end digital content, there has never been a more beneficial time to make use of our superpowers. Reach out and let’s chat about your talent needs.

Christofer Karltorp
Head of Zerply Concierge

Our Focus

Fulltime Hires — Helping Visual Effects vendors and Animation & Production studios build high-end creative teams.


Contract Hires — Solving shorter term or urgent creative requirements.

We help production studios build great teams

Christofer and the Zerply Concierge team was a crucial partner in the early days of Brud. With their help we built an all-star tech and creative team that turned Miquela into a global star.

Isaac Bratzel Chief Design and Innovation Officer @ Brud
Isaac Bratzel
Chief Design and Innovation Officer @ Brud

Our Process

Step 1Introduction Call

We'll introduce our Concierge service and get a sense of your company and hiring needs.

Step 2Signing Terms

After the introductory call, we will prepare and send over our Concierge Services Agreement for you to review and approve.

Step 3Submit Requirements

Once the terms are in place, you can start submitting your talent needs. We'll help you clarify your expectations and begin the process.

Step 4Initial Candidates

We will schedule a follow-up call to review the first batch of candidates. Assembling a strong team is imperative; the better we understand your specific talent needs, the more effectively we can help.

No start-up fees
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