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About Us

For the world's top production talent in entertainment

We're building Zerply to make the transitioning from one project to the next as seamless as possible for both talent and studios. Our mission is to change talent discovery in film, games, and VR for the better.

  • Christofer Karltorp
    Christofer Karltorp CEO
  • Taaniel Jakobs
    Taaniel Jakobs Product Lead
  • James Bennett
    James Bennett Business Development, Animation Supervisor
  • Josef Minarik
    Josef Minarik Lead Developer
  • Nate Bellamy
    Nate Bellamy Community Support
  • Cardo Uustal
    Cardo Uustal Community Manager
  • Adam Winn
    Adam Winn Developer, Analyst

Our Vision

We believe it should be easy for the world's best production talent in entertainment to move from one project to the next. We also believe it should be easy for companies to find the right talent, right when they need them.

We've experienced firsthand the fear and uncertainty that freelancers and recruiters face when working in a project-based industry. Our mission, simply put, is to replace anxiety with freedom and certainty.

We're changing the way the world discovers talent, and we invite you to join the revolution.

Our Advisors & Investors

“I spent almost two decades in the visual effects and animation business and my entire career in the entertainment industry. With the industry and workforce model changed, Zerply is coming into the marketplace with a real solution that recognizes the shift and serves the specialized needs of the industry now and in the future.”

Looking for talent? We can help!

Zerply is a marketplace that connects you to 15,000 of the world’s best production talent