About Us

For the world's top creatives in entertainment

We're building Zerply to make the transitioning from one project to the next as seamless as possible for both creatives and studios.

  • Christofer Karltorp
    Christofer Karltorp CEO
  • Sam Rawstorne
    Sam Rawstorne Interim COO
  • James Bennett
    James Bennett CCO, Animation Supervisor
  • Taaniel Jakobs
    Taaniel Jakobs Product Lead
  • Josef Minarik
    Josef Minarik Lead Developer
  • Nate Bellamy
    Nate Bellamy Community Support
  • Cardo Uustal
    Cardo Uustal Community Manager

Our Vision

We believe it should be easy for the world's best creative professionals in entertainment to move from one project to the next. We also believe it should be easy for studios to find the right talent, right when they need them.

We've experienced firsthand the fear and uncertainty you face when working in a project-based industry. Our mission, simply put, is to replace anxiety with freedom and certainty.

Zerply is one of the most prolific services in finding talent I've come across.
Cinzia Angelini — Director, Mila Film