About Us

For the world's top creatives in entertainment

We're building Zerply to make the transitioning from one project to the next as seamless as possible for both creatives and studios.

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett CEO, Co-founder
  • Christofer Karltorp
    Christofer Karltorp New Business, Co-founder
  • Sam Rawstorne
    Sam Rawstorne Interim COO
  • Taaniel Jakobs
    Taaniel Jakobs Product, Co-founder
  • Josef Minarik
    Josef Minarik Lead Developer
  • Nate Bellamy
    Nate Bellamy Community Support
  • Cardo Uustal
    Cardo Uustal Studio & Talent Manager, Europe

Our Vision

Zerply was started by three creatives who were frustrated with the fact that at the end of every project they were released back into the ‘freelance ocean’ without any support, having to fight the waves of uncertainty to find their next gig. This was taxing psychologically, creatively and financially.

On the flip side, it was exactly the same for companies. After delivering a successful project, companies blindly released dozens of amazing contractors back into the ‘ocean’, only to struggle to build a new team at the beginning of their next project. The cycle was incredibly inefficient, requiring vast amounts of energy and resources.

The questions the 3 creatives asked was, 'If the current system worked, why was it so hard for companies to find the people they needed? And if there was so much work around, why did artists still feel fear at the end of every contract?"

They realised this problem was two sides of the same coin, however, most 'solutions' only catered to one side of the equation to the exclusion of the other. There was a disconnect separating both parties. This needed to change. So they built Zerply because they wanted to live in a world where creative contractors never had to worry about their next gig, and companies never had to worry about building teams.

It was time to bring both sides together on the same platform. A platform that supported creative contractors in a proactive way to the benefit of the companies needing their talents. It was time to bridge the gap between companies and creatives for a better, more supportive future for all.

Zerply is one of the most prolific services in finding talent I've come across.
Cinzia Angelini — Director, Mila Film