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Thomas Knoll

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Las Vegas, NV

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I advise companies on strategies and tactics for community cultivation and customer development to help them discover, welcome, acquire and retain an active community of customers; and transform customer support and social engagement into a source of customer evangelism.
Work History
  • ? - Present



    Clipppr makes it simple to bookmark, clip, and tag your press. We track the engagement and conversation: tweets, likes, shares, diggs, stumbles, trackbacks, comments etc. We show you how active the conversation is over time in a TopHits/BestSeller type chart, and alert you of major changes, making it easy to re-engage in the public conversation.
  • August 2011 - Present

    hands-on advisor


    Today, all calls and the underlying infrastructure is based on "voice first, data second". Drumbi is rethinking this, and using the power of smartphones to deliver a new set of capabilities to the call experience.

    Going beyond voice-driven IVR, Drumbi is focused on predicting what you want, presenting it dynamically, and creating a completely different experience when calling a business. No more phone menus. No more entering your account number. No more waiting on hold. Drumbi changes this.
  • April 2011 - Present



    As a co-founder and advisor I hustled on: Community Evangelism, Customer Development, Customer Service, Social Media, Customer Acquisition, Product, Marketing, Community Cultivation, & Culture
  • March 2010 - February 2011

    Community Architect

    * Drove cross-company and cross-departmental conversations on social strategies to increase communication and connections between either our customers or our own employees (community and culture)
    * Advised on social and community strategy with customer service, brand marketing, facebook/twitter/blogs, and Zappos Insights
    * Advised on social and community aspects of features
    * Relaunched golf, running, outdoor, and rideshop verticals to better engage specific customer lifestyle communities
    * Spoke at conferences and events to increase awareness
  • April 2009 - June 2009



    Setup tools and processes for customer support, feedback, and outreach; created metrics to monitor and optimize support and outreach efforts and improve conversions; monitored social media and traditional channels for mentions of the company brand to provide a timely and personal response to existing and potential customers; regular communication with new and key customers to increase retention and help customers succeed; hired/trained additional support staff;
  • April 2008 - April 2009

    Community Advocate


    Customer Support, Quality Assurance, User/Developer Translation, Brand Awareness, Ear-to-the-ground-er, Moderation, lover of the customer, and Chief Listener. When I joined, we had one email for listening to our customers. While there I built out a full web and email support solution; managed customer feedback; created video product tutorials; developed and maintained twitter accounts for support, outreach, and announcements; moderated a video community; front-line for developer relations; built out network for TeamSeesmic; and more
  • April 2011 - Present


    Project Skyway

    Project Skyway is Minnesota’s first seed-stage tech startup accelerator program for motivated entrepreneurs. The program will build connections among entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and other innovation hubs, and bring them together both online and in physical space. The vision places emphasis on building companies with long-term, sustainable value, ethical practices, mentorship, and strong networks.
  • December 2011 - Present


    NewMe Accelerator

    NewMe Accelerator is a 12 week immersive residential tech start-up accelerator for businesses that are led by under-represented minorities (African-Americans, Latinos & Women) in the technology industry.