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I'm a passionate CEO of 10 yrs. Subservient to the purpose behind star companies. I've been a part of 7 startups, 4 of which I founded.

And like every CEO, my job is to work with the team to establish the vision & direction, make sure we have the right people & resources, remove any/all obstacles, & ensure execution.

What may make me a little different from others is that I’m not just a big-picture guy, but I can also roll up my sleeves & get into the details when I need to.

And I’m also extremely even-keel, no matter how turbulent the waters may be.
Work History
  • May 2011 - Present


    JHK Consulting

    Providing thought-leadership to various companies, while searching for a CEO position with a "star company".

    Currently looking at cloud-based security, Big Data, and business intelligence enterprise software companies. Also pursuing disruptive SCM SaaS startup.
  • January 2009 - Present


    Founder Institute

    I assist Adeo Ressi and team in what has become the largest incubator in the world by number of companies created, number of locations, number of mentors and pace of company creation.

    Our collective efforts have helped launch nearly 250 companies worldwide by over 300 Founders that employ thousands of people.

    In most locations where FI operates, we are the largest incubator. We have encouraged some of the smartest and most talented people on the planet to give up the safety of their day jobs and pursue a challenging path to their dreams. We hail from
  • January 2010 - June 2011

    SVP, GM, Chief Of Cloud

    SIOS Technology, Corp.

    As SVP, General Manager and Chief of Cloud at SIOS, a publicly traded firm headquartered in Japan, I was responsible for the company’s global cloud strategy, leading a newly formed US business unit focused on developing a first-of-its-kind cloud application serving platform (CASPIAN).

    SIOS' CASPIAN offering (see https://bit.ly/jtfzEH) was architected to address Fortune 500 data center needs in private cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), a market predicted to grow to over $55B by 2014 at a 51% CAGR.

    Our original vision included a declarative language u
  • October 2008 - December 2009

    Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR

    Express Ventures

    Express Ventures (founded by legacies such as Marco Thompson, Joe Markee, and Franz Birkner) assists San Diego-based "pre-Series A" stage entrepreneurs by providing initial funding and focused attention on company development in preparation for a successful Series A funding from a top tier venture capital fund. My role as an EIR included:

    • Assist managing partners in evaluation of potential deals.
    • Spending time with existing portfolio companies to provide functional expertise.
    • On-call as acting “C” level executive when necessary.
    • Focused on com
  • January 2009 - June 2009

    Acting CEO

    StackIQ (originally Clustercorp)

    Led fledgling company of 2 years to provide new enterprise-class Linux OS distribution tailored for private cloud computing datacenter applications. Worked with Board of Directors to reposition the company from High Performance Computing to an emerging enterprise private cloud market which was growing to over $55B by 2014 at a 51% CAGR per IDC:

    • Restructured team, recruited new senior staff
    • Re-capitalized company
    • Leveraged success in High-Performance Computing (HPC) to enter into larger datacenter market (e.g. private cloud computing)
    • Created new
  • March 2005 - December 2008

    President & CEO

    Eyespot Video Network

    Built & deployed a hosted (SaaS) broadband & mobile video publishing/syndication/advertising platform (mentored by veterans of digital media such as Michael Robertson, Jordan Greenhall, Dmitry Shapiro). Included embedded plug-and-play video widgets/applications for website publishers & digital media producers. Built a sophisticated advertising exchange with targeted & dynamic insertion of in-stream advertising (similar to that used by video ad networks like VideoEgg, now SAY Media) targeting the online advertising market growing to over $5.6B in 2013 at
  • November 2007 - November 2008



    In 2007, the US children's clothing market was $49 billion and growing at 37% annually. This booming kids clothing market is traced to moms who demand the best. Now an even more rapidly growing and emerging market, is green or "sustainable" apparel.

    In 2007 GreenEdge launched www.GreenEdgeKids.com, the largest etailer of sustainable children's clothing for ages 2-14. Offering its own brands as well as a carefully-selected group of elite designers, products exhibit:

    • Use of certified organic natural fibers - wool, cotton, linen
    • Use of highly renewabl
  • January 2005 - March 2005

    President & CEO

    Integral Semiconductor Corporation

    Co-founded a fabless semiconductor company for a new switching power supply controller IC:

    • Utilized a novel zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) power supply topology to provide a higher-efficiency power supply for high-power CPU, GPU, and ASIC devices and applications.
    • Assembled a team of 4, created a business plan, developed early prototype, and began fund-raising.
    • Put efforts on hold when the Company lost its CTO.
  • November 2000 - December 2004

    President & CEO

    INCEP Technologies Incorporated

    Technology startup of high-performance semiconductor device packaging (and associated power supply technology), in a market forecast to be $29B in 2003 growing at over a 46% CAGR.

    Co-founded & built company from only 1 employee to 35; backed by Phil Paul (Paul Capital); mentored by legacies such as Jack Shemer & David Hartkey (founders of Tereadata), Art Collmeyer (Weitek, Hi/fn, Iridigm, iWatt, Sensory Networks, etherWhere), and Bob Adams (Xerox, Peerless Systems, Encad, Tekelec, Documentum); managing from initial incorporation to acquisition:

    • Deve
  • November 1999 - October 2000

    VP of Marketing & Sales

    INCEP Technologies Incorporated

    Led execution of early startup tasks including authoring the business plan, creating corporate identity, establishing financial and legal services, recruiting founding team and directors of the board, raising financing, & establishing initial customer partnerships:

    • Within first year, raised $4.6M Series A financing, created first prototype in joint development with Intel.
    • Created corporate identity, website, brochures, white papers, presentations, tradeshow & trade advertising designs.
    • Performed all marketing & competitive research, & interfaced
  • November 1998 - October 1999

    VP of Marketing & Sales

    Convergence Design, Inc.

    Semiconductor technology and design services firm targeting digital media, space, computing, communications, and medical device applications.

    Created corporate identity, grew key customers accounts, and successfully identified/led initiative to spin out innovative semiconductor technology used to found INCEP Technologies, Inc:

    • Designed and implemented all marketing materials (brochures, data sheets, whitepapers, customer success stories), sales presentations, and tradeshow booth designs.
    • Grew customer base from single core account to 10 in one year
  • June 1998 - October 1998

    Dir Product Marketing (Databas

    Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation

    Teradata is a leading global provider of powerful, enterprise analytic technologies and services such as Data Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Demand Forecasting / Inventory Management, Profitability Analysis, and Supply Chain Intelligence.

    Brought in by VP of Marketing (then Randy Lea) to manage critical product launch of the Teradata RDBMS on Windows NT operating system (strategic market expansion beyond UNIX-based systems), which was completed within 4 months:

    • Coordinated cohesive marketing campa
  • November 1996 - May 1998

    Dir Product Management (Busine

    Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation

    Successfully led Teradata’s Knowledge Discovery Workbench (KDW) business intelligence software program (data mining application tool suite, professional services, sales, and support) and established Teradata’s database data mining extensions and data mining middleware program.

    Sold internal management (working with Dale Hazel) through detailed business cases. Was responsible for managing the budget and overseeing all program activities performed by a matrixed team comprised of product marketing, sales program marketing, area deployment marketing, partn
  • March 1996 - October 1996

    Strategic Planning Program Man

    Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation

    Was responsible for Teradata’s Scalable Data Warehouse business plan governing business unit revenues of $1.2B (annual hardware, software, professional services, and support revenue). Worked with NCR executive office (with Elsie Yip) to generate Teradata business unit plan:

    • Coordinated with all business unit department heads to establish collective operating plan.
    • Compiled industry direction of platform hardware, database, enterprise executive reporting, and data mining application futures.
    • Worked with executives to develop Teradata Data Warehousi
  • December 1992 - February 1996

    Technical Consultant / Profess

    AT&T Global Information Services

    Special assignments from business unit management (working with Tom Baronner) as technical “expert” responsible for implementation of database information systems for the largest and most complex data warehouse customers - also most politically sensitive customer accounts including Bank Of America, TRW Credit (now Experian), and Ctirceal:

    • Worked with Ctirceal customer to identify, manage, and correct issues with combined OLTP and Decision support database banking application/platform.
    • Led TRW Credit $40 million / yr account on the migration of Terad
  • September 1988 - November 1992

    Principal Electrical & Compute

    NCR Corporation

    One of five principal engineers to develop Teradata’s Banyan crossbar circuit-switched high-speed network, the world’s largest circuit switched compute node network of 4096 processors and the basis for NCR’s $1.7B+ revenue stream. Responsibilities included multiple semiconductor chip designs, several printed circuit board designs, and backplane designs. Core team included: Robert McMillen, Serdar Yilmaz, Paul Micheletti, Bob Moussavi, and Douglas Hundley. Also, worked with one of the co-founders of Teradata, David Hartkey.
  • September 1986 - June 1988

    Digital Engineer

    Digital Sound Corporation

    As a digital engineer, I helped DSC, supplier of network-based, communication-management solutions, give people the freedom to manage voice, fax and e-mail messages anytime, anywhere, using a telephone, personal computer, fax, or pager.

    I worked on a product line with other crazy smart engineers (e.g. Manley Klassen). The products integrated enhanced computer/telephony/Internet applications on an open systems platform, giving its customers -- public network service providers -- a strategic advantage in a highly competitive telecommunications marketplac
  • May 1986 - September 1986

    Electrical Engineer

    Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

    Hungry for something "bleeding edge", I worked on a top secret government project to develop a laser satellite defense system. It consisted of a curtain of X-ray lasers. The curtain was to be deployed either using a series of missiles launched from submarines or via satellites, during the critical seconds following an attack on the US. The satellites would be powered by built-in nuclear warheads – in theory, the energy from the warhead detonation would be used to pump a series of laser emitters in the missiles or satellites, allowing each satellite to sh
  • University of San Diego

    1989 - 1993
  • University of California, Santa Barbara

    1984 - 1988