3D Animator

Lost Cosmonauts

Wellington, New Zealand

Lost Cosmonauts has begun the search for a 3D animator to join the team in a full-time position.

We are seeking a candidate with a stellar portfolio of work in the 3D animated medium. The ideal candidate would have experience and find joy in character animation for animated shorts, features and series. We enjoy a portfolio of stylized animation, though we will happily analyze portfolios that are more composed of demonstrations of a hyperrealistic style.

Lost Cosmonauts is a collaborative team with an open creative structure. The ideal candidate would find joy and comfort amidst a team of like-minded individuals with whom they are able to communicate and work well in bringing projects to fruition.

Lost Cosmonauts is not a behemoth of a studio. At 20-strong, you will be able to have your voice heard and become a contributing figure to the quality and image that Lost Cosmonauts strives for.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create high-quality animation for shorts, features and series.
  • Create high-quality animation for video games and VR experiences.
  • Work closely with your directors, leads and producers and contribute to pipeline discussions and decisions
  • Contribute to establishing the overall look and quality of all work assigned to you.
  • Vocalize your thoughts and feelings during production.
  • Identify risks and issues on a project and be able to determine and execute solutions.

The ideal candidate would be able to join the team ASAP.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Experience working on animation for film, television or web series. (Experience in video game animation is a plus!)
  • Outstanding proficiency in Autodesk Maya. (Proficiency in Blender and/or Unreal Engine 5 is a plus!)
  • Knowledge of common animation techniques and terminology.
  • Experience animating both bipedal and quadrupedal characters.
  • Knowledge and understanding of composition principles.
  • Time management skills and the ability to handle workloads efficiently.
  • The ability to work autonomously if needed, whilst not being apprehensive about communicating with your leads and producers should the need arise.
  • The candidate must be available for 3 months, beginning in February.
  • The candidate must be available for 32 hours a week.
  • The ideal candidate could be able to work in our studio in Miramar, Wellington with the NZ-based team.

With that final point, we can assist with any visa requirements.

Please apply by emailing us your portfolio.

If you would also like to provide a CV/resume, a cover letter and any additional items, feel free to do so. Do understand that we believe in a solid portfolio above all else and that while your resume may add to the goodwill accrued by your portfolio, we will wholeheartedly embrace hiring someone with stellar work who may be lacking in qualifications. Please, send your work our way.

Please send all emails using the subject line [Your name] - 3D Animator - Lost Cosmonauts

No phone calls or agencies, please!


Lost Cosmonauts

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