Alan Wynn

Alan Wynn

PHP Web Developer

Newcastle Upon Tyne

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PHP CodeIgniter Developer from Newcastle England. I would say I am talented in what I do, but always strive to become better.
Work History
  • July 2012 - Present

    Entrepreneur / Owner

    Friendly Dev

    My web development business I have setup for freelance work.
  • January 2012 - Present

    Owner, Developer, Founder


    I founded, develop and maintain the API website at This is an unofficial API service offered to the public. It is used to gathter information on any public Xbox Gamercard.
  • 2011 - Present

    Contributing Developer


    XboxSDK is a site that allows users to share gamesaves and profiles with the community. The site features a rich API that will allow you (given you have a valid API key and permissions) to use the site through it. The unique feature of the site is that it will rehash and resign any downloaded game saves with the chosen credentials, this means that the end user no longer needs to do this with a 3rd party application. They need only put this downloaded file onto an xbox storage device in the correct location to use it.
  • 2011 - Present

    Founder & Developer


    Pixldrop is a quick, clean and free way to share your screenshots with the world.
  • 2009 - 2011

    IT Development Apprentice

    Newcastle College

    This position was a 2 year apprenticeship. Unfortunately due to funding they were unable to transfer my contract to a permanent one. During my time at the college I was working in the IT Development department as a member of the DTM (Desktop Management) team. Within those last 2 years I worked on a number of projects and solutions for the college, the main projects I were doing was Group Policy printer deployment, and system/software deployment via Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Both of these projects are now in full use at the college.