Wenden Baldwin

Wenden Baldwin

Los Angeles, CA

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Visual Effects

Policy of Truth (2014)

Visual Effects Producer

Tale of Two Dads (2013)

Visual Effects Producer

Jenny (2013)

Digital Editor / Coordinator

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Visual Effects Editor

Shutter Island (2010)

Visual Effects Editor

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

Visual Effects Producer

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Visual Effects Editor

Seven Pounds (2008)

Line Producer

Delgo (2008)

Visual Effects Coordinator

Nim's Island (2008)

Associate Producer

The Winged Man (2008)

Digital Compositor

Monkeybone (2001)

Digital Artist

The Pledge (2001)

Digital Compositor

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)

Digital Artist

Blade (1998)

Digital Artist

Godzilla (1998)

Digital Artist

Most Wanted (1997)

Digital Artist

Volcano (1997)

Digital Artist

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (1997)

Title Design

Cyborg (1989)

Work History
  • Stereoscopic Supervisor

    The Fixer VFX and Post

    May 2014 - Present

    Stereoscopic supervisor for an animated feature.

  • VFX and Animation Project Manager

    WK Productions

    January 2013 - Present

    WK Productions specializes in project management for entertainment projects, with an emphasis on visual effects, animation and post production.

    Recent and current projects:
    •"The Warlocks" release party music video (camera, editorial, post production and VFX)
    • AT&T: The Trevor Project (Post Production Supervisor and VFX Producer, VFX editorial assist, motion graphics production manager, VFX compositing)

    Past experience includes animation and VFX management, VFX editorial and I/O management, operational project and production management and manageme

  • Paramount Animation

    May 2014 - October 2014
  • Director, Operations

    209 Group, LLC

    November 2012 - May 2013

    209 Group, LLC collaborates with small enterprises and fledgling companies, bridging gaps in the areas of product development, sales and marketing. Working closely with the CEO, built the infrastructure for the execution of day to day business processes. Implemented business process and workflow for eCommerce and email/call-in orders.

  • Customer Support Head/Business Process and Workflow Manageme

    Oblong Industries Inc

    June 2010 - October 2012

    Identifying the need for organization of internal processes, thoroughly researched the internal procedures employed at Oblong, after which I supported other teams and their members by facilitating the acquisition of content, collaboration with other teams and individuals, technical support, technology requisitions or any other requirements for the successful completion of their work. As part of this role, was commissioned to build from the ground up and manage the Customer Support division, including design and implementation of business processes to gui

  • VFX Editor/Digital I/O Manager


    December 2009 - April 2010

    Managed Editorial and I/O processes. Restructured and expanded the department to accommodate both Feature and Commercial projects. Upgraded department infrastructure to accommodate projects with high shot counts. Recruited and hired staff.
    Maintained productive communication between Los Angeles and divisions in Germany and China. Initiated process improvements for pipeline and workflow between Los Angeles and other divisions.

  • VFX Editor/Digital I/O Manager

    Cafefx/The Syndicate

    December 2007 - December 2009

    VFX editorial management and Producer for high profile VFX projects with complex asset production processes, workflow development and pipeline issues.
    Managed day to day VFX Editorial and I/O processes. Implemented process improvements on a per show basis. Acted as producer for selected small projects.
    Worked directly with the producer, lighting, CG and compositing supervisors, leads and teams to meet quotas and successfully meet delivery requirements.
    Customer facing liaison with client editorial, troubleshooter for incoming media issues, and maintenanc

  • Associate Producer/VFX Producer

    The Winged Man

    January 2007 - December 2007

    With Academy Award nominated writer José Rivera (Motorcycle Diaries), and John Andrew Berton, VFX Supervisor for “Charlotte's Web” and “Men In Black II”, a “short” became a professional and complex production.

    Worked with VFX Supervisor to identify services required for the completion of the project. Compiled breakdown and final VFX shot list. Coordinated resources and VFX team.

    In pre-production, worked with VFX Supervisor on script breakdown, and additional crew and service

  • Digital Art Dept Operations

    Lowry Digital Images (DTS DI)

    June 2005 - April 2007

    Operational management of the digital restoration art department. The department ran four shifts, 24/5, plus a weekend shift. In addition to management of shift supervisors and artists, this role required involvement in recruitment and HR, bidding, scheduling, budgets, educational course development and driving the development of proprietary image editing and resource management tools.

  • Director, Special Projects

    DTS Digital Images

    June 2005 - April 2007

    Biz Dev for post production services providing digital enhancement of production footage. Developed relationships with post production and visual effects colleagues for the purpose of developing alternate revenue streams for existing enhancement and restoration services.

  • Line Producer/Project Manager

    Fathom Studios

    June 2004 - April 2005

    FATHOM STUDIOS - Atlanta, Georgia 2004 - 2005
    Fathom evolved from creating award-winning computer graphics and animation for industrial and broadcast productions to combining vision and imagination for animation.

    Developed schedules and milestones, tracked completion of shots and sequences, collaborated with animation and lighting department directors to meet completion dates, assisted in marketing initiatives, contributed to production meetings and developed processes and procedures to assist in project completion.

    Accelerated the pace of production t

  • Facility Designer/Operations Planner

    Lion Digital Productions

    January 2002 - January 2004

    Start-up entertainment based business founded for the development of a CG animation facility to be built and managed in Hong Kong.

    Operations consultant for technical due diligence. Co-produced relevant budgets, schedules, reports and presentations for meetings in Hollywood and Hong Kong. Co-designer of infrastructure and workflow for a project dedicated animation facility. With technology/design team, researched and specified equipment and design of workflow and pipeline.

    Performed a detailed analysis of current CG animation workflow and pipeline to

  • VP, Operations

    Invisible Robots

    April 2001 - December 2002

    Co-producer and designer, facilities infrastructure, pipeline and workflow for Digital Intermediate and Feature Animation.

  • Compositor

    Pacific Title & Art Studio

    2000 - 2001

    PACIFIC TITLE AND ART - Los Angeles, California 2000 - 2001
    Pacific Title & Art Studio has played a major role in the film titling and post production industry for over 86 years.

    Trailer Conform and Compositing
    Inferno artist/compositor. Client liaison and troubleshooter. Trailer conform, compositing, version management and color grading for film and video. Developed concepts and design of visual effects and title animation.

  • Compositor


    January 1997 - December 1999

    Compositor for feature films and main titles for features.

  • Art Director

    Cinema Research

    April 1994 - April 1996

    Art Director for feature film and trailer titles, managing creative and legal requirements, cultivating and managing relationships with high level directors and producers, mentoring staff and tracking and successful completion of hundreds of projects.

  • Director, Film Titles and Effects Dept.

    Cannon Films, MGM

    1983 - 1994

    Founded and acted as Art Director for a feature film and trailer titles and effects department. Worked directly with feature and trailer producers, directors, editors, post production supervisors and actors to develop, design and execute film titles and effects. Also initiated the use of digital tools in a previously analogue department.

  • Caltech

    2010 - 2010
  • MFA

    Otis College of Art and Design

    September 1978 - June 1980