Richie Khoo
Richie Khoo
Lean Thinker, Rubyist, Finance Geek, Change Maker
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Passion for Ruby on Rails, Behaviour Driven Development and Agile Software Development.

CPA-qualified information systems professional with over 10 years experience with organisational change and systems development.

Qualified Finance Geek (CPA, CFP, B.Com, DipFP, AMC)

Socially minded change agent. Ability to get things done and inspire others to take action and make a difference.

People say I make complex things simple.
@Naked Insights
Advice Documents for Financial Planners, Insanely Fast!
We take compliance out of the equation by helping advisers generate compliant, high quality, Risk SOA's in less than 30 minutes.
Adelaide South Australia
October 2011 - Present
@Carpets for Communities
Carpets for Communities offers immediate intervention to give at risk children an education by empowering their mothers to produce eco fair trade products which sell globally.

I currently am the chair of the project and work closely with the board and national leadership team. I am especially interested in empowering others to find their passion and make a difference in the world. CfC is an amazing organisation, I encourage you to looks us up, get involved, or even buy a rug made by one of our wonderful women in Cambodia.
November 2008 - Present
Senior Partner
@Alec Khoo & Associates
Personal Financial Adviser to ASX200 Executives, Business Owners and Private Individuals covering issues of Executive Share Options, strategic investment & personal taxation advice.

Advise Foreign Companies with Australian branches on issues of taxation and the Australian business environment.
August 2008 - Present
Rails developer and Agile Cons
Crafting the web and solving business problems with tech.

Agile Rails developer. We practice Behaviour Driven Development and delight our clients.
Melbourne Australia
August 2010 - October 2011
Senior Partner (Financial Advi
@Alec Khoo and Associates
As a key member of the team at Alec Khoo & Associates Ive been involved in many many different aspects of helping people get clear around their money. We are a little different in our approach and basically we help people make money.

Alec Khoo & Associates is an accounting and wealth advisory firm with a holistic approach.

Holistic, for us, encompasses tax, investments, superannuation, insurance, mortgages, and business services, so, really, it's about bringing it all together in a single philosophy around understanding money.

As a research driven fi
Adelaide South Australia
1996 - June 2011
Conference Chair
@AIESEC Victoria State Conference
Chaired a conference of over 130 young leaders, bringing passion and steering on the issues of sustainability and youth leadership.

It was an amazing conference and I want to thank all those who were present for making it such a truly inspiring experience.

In the words of Margart Meed, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
April 2009 - April 2009
Chief Operations Officer
@Alec Khoo & Associates
Personally Researched better methods of Quality Control, discovered the Work of Deming and the Lean Philosophies and led program to implemented lean practices across the firm.
Planned and ran retreats for our leadership team to introduce new concepts and discuss system & organisational issues (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
Achieved a 40% growth in firm wide profit following the introduction of lean principals. Staff also recorded their highest ever satisfaction levels on staff feedback surveys following the introduction of lean.
December 2005 - August 2008
Member of SA Public Practice C
@CPA Australia
Active member of CPA Public Practice Committee in South Australia.
June 2005 - August 2007
Accounting Systems Developer
@Alec Khoo & Associates
Launched GST change process into the Accounting Practice, created buy-in amongst management team, staff and business clients.

Effective implementation of GST and the creation of cutting edge systems, lead to a 150% increase in accounting revenue in the following 12 months.

90% of our business clients we're 'very satisfied' with our support for the introduction of GST to their businesses.
December 1998 - November 2005
Business Systems Developer
@Alec Khoo & Associates
Centralised Client Investment Portfolio information & Personal details into a Relational Database Management Systems.

Developed the business database over the coming 10 years.
(CRM, Timesheets & Integrated Billing, ATO compliant payroll, Task management, Accounting Workflow). System was build based on direct user input and I released regularly (weekly/fortnightly).
November 1996 - November 1998
CPA Australia
? - 2003
Financial Planning Association (Deakin)
? - 2003
Flinders University
1996 - 2000