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Rebecca Maratta

Rebecca Maratta

Rebecca Maratta, IT Student

Oviedo, Florida

  • Volunteer


Rebecca Maratta, IT student working on Bachelor's in IT with a concentration in Enterprise Development with .NET and a certificate in Computer Systems and Networks soon. Only 6 more classes to go :) But I have slowed my class loads now to better prepare for the Master's in IT with a concentration in Software Development that will immediately follow. I am currently working on my portfolio of projects on a volunteer basis for different people and companies. After receiving my Master's I plan to volunteer for a non-profit organization
Work History
  • June 2012 - Present

    Rebecca Maratta

    Volunteer Projects currently

    Various volunteer projects for individuals and businesses to add to my portfolio
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

    Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

    2010 -