Your Profile, Your Domain

You can now use your own domain for your Zerply profile. It's the first of our premium features.

$15 Per Year
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How it all works

Connecting your own domain to your Zerply profile is a three step process. It may ask little more of you technically (now is the time to claim your nerdiness or invite that nerd friend of yours over for dinner.) It's worth the hassle however, as it will make you look even more awesome.


Set up your domain

First off you need to buy your domain if you haven't already done so via a domain registrar. Once you have a domain, at your registrar you will need to configure the domain's A record to point to "".


Test your domain

After adding the A record to your registrar you should test the settings by using the form in the top right corner of this page. (Keep in mind that changes made to a A records can take up to 72 hours to take effect.)


Purchase the upgrade

Now you are ready to purchase the upgrade for a custom domain on Zerply. After the payment process is finished you will be able to connect your custom domain with your public profile.

As simple as that! Now enjoy the freedom of knowing that your very own domain leads to a beautiful professional page - which you can proudly boast about.

What domains we support

  • Root Domains
  • Sub Domains

If you are having trouble with anything then feel free to drop us a line anytime