Matchmove Artist

Storm Studios

Oslo, Norway
From 1st Dec

Work location: Oslo, Norway

Please note that this position is not open for remote artists.

Job Description

  • Camera tracking and matchmoving objects in live action plates for VFX projects
  • 3D scene reconstruction with primitive proxy geometry 
  • Reviewing and publishing matchmove results submitted by outsource vendors
  • Communicating and collaborating with other departments to ensure that the CG elements are seamlessly incorporated into the shot


  • Extensive work experience using either one of the following matchmove packages: PFTrack or Syntheyes. Knowledge of 3D Equalizer will be a plus
  • Good knowledge of Maya
  • Working knowledge of Nuke
  • Experience working with Lidar, witness camera and other onset data
  • Thorough understanding of real-world camera attributes such as apertures, lenses and distortion
  • Experience with 3D roto animation to live-action plates is a plus
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects in a fast-paced environment

Storm Studios

Storm Studios is the largest supplier of VFX for feature films and TV shows in Norway.
Accepting Applications
2 more days

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