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From 1st Oct

The Role: We are seeking a technical artist to help us develop avatars for the metaverse. This would involve exploring rigging and technical implementation of current DCC systems. The role would also entail exploring R&D on future "auto-rigging" development utilizing our machine learning department and Unreal engine. This lead position requires a full time remote commitment. This position also requires a rigger who is fascinated with cutting edge technology, and will help our creative studio department integrate and develop alongside our machine learning department.

Details: Over 8 years as a tech artist utilizing a DCC environment like Maya/python. Experience with Unreal engines rigging and implementation a plus. Must have the ability to do remote work and a self-driven attitude. This is bleeding edge technology development and a unique opportunity.

Useful Skillsets: Character Engine Rigging/DCC Rigging, Retargeting in Engine, Shader Network Knowledge in UE , Mocap Characterization and Retargeting Tools in DCC, FACS Facial rigging knowledge, Python, Auto-Rigging Tool creation, Real-time animation processes, pipeline tools for rigging and animation workflow.

About Spree3D: We are a growing startup focused on developing avatars and garments for experiences in the metaverse. Our v1 app MyDubble is out on the apple store and represents our first step into this world. There is SO much more to explore with these experiences and technology. Everything is changing so fast its exciting to be a part of this transforming landscape. Reach out!

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