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Jr. Motion Graphics Animator Job Description

Job Title: JR Motion Graphics Animator for Game Marketing Videos

Location: Anywhere, must operate on PST hours (ongoing work throughout the year)

Job Description: Create motion graphics for AAA entertainment and gaming franchises that millions will see. Help tell a story, push the visual envelope, and work with top tier franchises that you know and love. In this position you will animate, version, and localize all necessary graphics. Provide reports on work progress, including scheduling, workflows, quality and creative questions, to your manager. A working knowledge of Cinema 4D and After Effects is required, with skills  such as camera animation, text animation, compositing, and rendering with Redshift. A familiarity with Element 3D and exporting assets from Maya is a plus (should notify the producer of your speciality).

Specific responsibilities: Jr Motion graphics artists are responsible for the creative process at different stages. Light designing and animating are just a few of the phases involved. Other duties may include rendering, deck creation, archival duties and reporting.

Skills needed for the job:

  • Animation & Rendering abilities.
  • 2D & 3D animation proficiency.
  • Artistic design text layout abilities.
  • Collaborative abilities to work well within a group setting.
  • Software Proficiency: After Effects, Element 3D, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Redshift Rendering.
  • Education: Professional certification in multimedia arts is desirable. Graduation from a school with a major in art, graphic design or related field is also desirable.  Any combination of certifications, experience or education that demonstrates an ability to get the job done.  Candidates should have a reel of work available to demonstrate capabilities.


  • 3+ minimum years of professional related experience.  Seeking Junior Level Candidates.  Applicants with Video Game Marketing experience a major plus.

Other Pertinent Information: Freelance, Part Time, or Full-Time roles are available. The company offers paid holiday and time off benefits, in addition to disability, social security.  There is a 90-day introductory period after which eligibility for time off becomes available.  The company offers subsidized health insurance and fully paid employee life insurance benefits.


  1. Resume 
  2. Your Portfolio w/ Work Samples (flag any 3D title card animations)
  3. Contact Information
  4. Availability Start Date
  5. Specify Freelance or Full-time Desire
  6. Day Rate




Jr Motion Graphics Designer & Animator - 2022-Q3

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