Houdini FX Artist

Point Flottant

Remote Work
Couple of months

Point Flottant is looking for a mid / senior Houdini Artist to join for the next couple of months.

You'll help us create abstract simulations and procedural setups on different exciting projects.

You'll have to :

  • Setup and create abstract fluid simulations, while keeping control on the art direction
  • Create colorful and abstract volume simulations
  • Be comfortable with soft body and rigid simulations
  • Export alembic caches with custom attributes to be use in Arnold in others DCC
  • Explore knitting and clothes simulations
  • Use the Deadline or Grid Market plugin to simulate and render the various effects
  • Knowledge of HtoA or Redshift would be a plus

Point Flottant

Point Flottant is an animation studio.
We can provide 3D and 2D animations for Motion Design, VFX and more.
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