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CG Generalist / 3D MGFX Animation Job Description

  1. Position Title: CG Generalist with 3D MGFX Animation skills (Generalist Skill set, Full-Time, Remote)

  1. Description of the job: Join our animation team looking to create high-end, entertaining advertisements, and positive change. You’ll be bringing to life mouthwatering 3D designs for some of the most prestigious (lighthearted) gaming franchises. You will be inspired and making art you’re proud of that will be put in front of millions of viewers. Common creative tasks include (in order of skill set priority): compositing/rendering, look dev, and animating 3D text/cameras using After Effects, C4D, and/or Maya.

  1. About the Company & Opportunity: Eyestorm Creative is a 16 year old award-winning entertainment / tech agency & production company seeking a 3D motion graphics / CG generalist artist who enjoys bringing imaginative stories, artwork, new technologies, and high quality graphics to life. We’re looking for artists not afraid to push the boundaries of what can be done, keep collaborations fun, take pride in their creations, lead with positivity, and are thirsty to keep learning. We’re a tight knit, ego-free, positive group of artists that enjoy working together and hope to add more creative spirits to our lovely team. 

  1. Responsibilities of the Position: Commercial project animation and renderings needed for our highly entertaining, story-driven game marketing videos.

  2. Skill Set required for this job (in order of priority):
  3. Compositing
  4. Rendering
  5. Look Dev
  6. Camera & 3D Text Animation
  7. C4D Mo-Graph Module Animation
  8. Collaborative artistic abilities to work well and inspire others
  9. Education: College degree required. Professional certification in multimedia arts (motion graphics and design) is desirable. Graduation from a school with a major in art, graphic design or related field is also desirable. Any combination of certifications, experience or education that demonstrates an ability to excel in the job.
  10. Location & Other Pertinent Information: Remote working position during Pacific Time Zone hours (9am-6pm). 
  11. Software required for the job:
  12. Cinema 4D (10-15 years+) w/ Mograph Module Experience
  13. After Effects (10-15 years+)
  14. Redshift Rendering (2-5 years+)
  15. Maya (Comfortable Exporting Assets from Maya)


  1. Hiring Timeline: On or before July 30th, 2022.

  2. Location: Fully remote, work-at-home opportunity.
  3. Employee Benefits: Fully-paid employee health insurance plan, PTO, holidays, and sick days.
  4. People: Humble, talented, creative, friendly space with a tight-knit team. 
  5. Join a growing, super creative atmosphere where you're allowed to have a voice, encouraged to learn, rewarded for ambition.

  1. PAY:
  2. Pay: Compensation will be dependent on the applicant experience.
  3. Bonus: Eligible.


  1. Resume 
  2. Your Work Samples Relevant to:
  3. 3D CG 
  4. Motion Graphics Animation (Text, Camera, Look Dev, & Rendering)
  5. 3D or 2D Title Card Animations
  6. 3D Comp & Rendering examples
  7. Contact Information: email, linkedin, and cell phone number.
  8. Rate: please include your day and/or hourly rate.


SUBJECT HEADING: CG Generalist / 3D MGFX Animator  (2022)

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