CG Artist

Storm Studios

Remote Work Possible
Oslo, Norway
From Apr 2021

Storm Studios is a small, high end Scandinavian VFX studio. Our team of 30 artists work on everything from local features to Marvel movies, Netflix and HBO shows and everything in between.

We are scaling up to 50 artists over the next couple of years, and are currently looking for CG Artists at all levels for upcoming high end feature film and TV shows. Primarily we are looking for lighting and lookdev artists, but we are interested in scaling up other areas as well.

The start date is flexible, as this is more about scaling up long term than one specific project. Ideal start up time would be between now and this summer, though.

Due to covid we are currently working remotely, but preferably the plan would be to relocate to Oslo once things open back up.

Storm Studios

Storm Studios is the largest supplier of VFX for feature films in Norway.
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