CFX Artist

Brazen Animation

Remote Work Possible
Richardson, Texas
Couple of months

Contract CFX Artist (REMOTE or IN-House)

Brazen Animation is seeking CFX artists with strong technical ability, outstanding creative vision, and passion for our craft. We are looking for someone with great communication skills and a passion for creating beautiful imagery! We are looking for an enthusiastic collaborator willing to work closely with peers on a daily basis to create and execute the Director’s vision of fur and cloth on the production..

Responsibilities to include:

  • Develop and maintain all department documentation of current pipeline and techniques


  • Prepares the assets for cloth simulation, including and not limited to creating the cloth simulation rig for the asset.
  • Run realistic and stylized cloth shot simulations in a production environment
  • Performs corrective shapes and sculpting fixes for cloth simulation in shot
  • Rendering and QC of cloth elements


  • Procedurally groom hair and fur using XGen.
  • Prepares the approved groom for animation rigging.
  • Prepares the approved groom for simulation, including and not limited to creating the fur simulation rig for the asset.
  • Run realistic and stylized fur simulations in a production environment
  • QC of fur elements


  • Experience with multiple types of cloth solvers such as nCloth, Syflex, Vellum or Qualoth.
  • Knowledge of the physics of motion and timing, cloth and hair motion.
  • Strong knowledge of ncloth, nhair, or other comparable packages.


  • Strong understanding of current grooming systems and techniques.
  • Strong understanding with xGen or other grooming packages.
  • Able to troubleshoot.


  • 3 years of experience in film/animation/vfx
  • Degree/diploma in fine arts/computer science or equivalent experience
  • Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of Maya
  • Knowledge of mel, python, or other scripting language is a plus.
  • Able to work independently and advance towards asset/shot approval with minimal daily supervision
  • Demo reel demonstrating abilities with shot breakdown

Only the selected candidates will be contacted. Please note that you may be asked to provide references.

Be Brazen!

Brazen Animation

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