I'll keep it brief:

Mojo Bones will be working with a AAA Publisher on a future iOS endeavour

Artist will need be a good all rounder, with proficient skills in the following. People without prior Video Games experience need not apply - Many Thanks

Artist who is seasoned and well versed in the Video Games profession
Versatile between disciplines of character, environment, props, technical.
3 Published video games games + of experience
3D Modelling, specifically characters (3DS Max preferably, Maya also accepted)
2D skills eg. Texturing, Concept, Illustration,UI
Untiy3D Experience

Fighting games or Anime experience would be a bonus!

As part of a 2 man art team (and 1 animator) you will need to be versatile and able to put your hand to multiple art disciplines as needed.

More info. can be given if in mutual interest is there -

Thank you very much for your interest, and look forward to hearing from you! Apply for Job