Hersh Davis-Nitzberg

Hersh Davis-Nitzberg

Hersh Davis-Nitzberg https://davisnitzberg.com/

Beverly Hills, California

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Hersh Davis-Nitzberg is a renowned speaker, teacher and blogger in the field of reputation management, reputation repair, and reputation defense. Davis-Nitzberg’s expertise draws from crisis management, damage control, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management. He has worked closely with politicians, celebrities, musicians and business men to help in crises situations.
Work History
  • December 2007 - Present

    Managing Director

    Repair Bad Reputation

    https://repairbadreputation.com/ promotes building, managing, repairing and defending a positive online reputation for each client. We specialize in reputation management, reputation repair and reputation defense. https://repairbadreputation.com/ mission is to present a well-crafted, honest portrayal of the positive qualities of our clients.
  • BA in Religion

    Princeton University

    Aug - May
  • Harvard-Westlake School

    Aug - Jul