Tony Andreas Rudolph

Tony Andreas Rudolph

3D DMP/Generalist / Concept Artist / 5 yrs

München, Germany

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Digital Matte Painter / Mattepainting Artist

Renegades (2017)

Matte Painting Artist

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

Digital Matte Painter

Richard the Stork (2017)

Digital Mattepainter

A Cure for Wellness (2017)

Mattepainting Artist

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Matte Painting Artist

The Cut (2015)

Mattepainting Artist

Tatort (2008)

3D Generalist and Digital Matte Painter

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Digital Matte Painter

Homicide Berlin One

3D Generalist / DMP

Der geilste Tag

Digital Matte Painter

Goosebumps (2015)

Digital Matte Painter

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Digital Matte Painter/Concept Artist

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Digital Matte Painter

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Concept Artist

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Matte Painter

Divergent (2014)


Big Game (2015)

Digital Matte Painter

Dracula Untold (2014)

Digital Matte Painter

Monster Trucks (2017)

My name is Tony Andreas Rudolph, I am a 27 years old self taught award winning concept artist and Environment Generalist / 3D digital matte painter working mostly in the feature film industry. I like it to learn new things to push my skills to a new limit and I like it to work in a team to get the best results and resolve problems on a creative way.

Current showreel only on request available!

online portfolio:
Work History
  • May 2017 - Present

    Senior Designer


  • September 2016 - April 2017

    Digital Matte Painter


    - Bullyparade - The Movie // Warner Bros. // 3D Matte Painter - including modeling, lighting, shading, complex projections, slap comps in Nuke and 3DsMax // Feature Film
    Environment Generalist - creating concept art, 2D and 2.5D matte paintings and full CG environments including slapcomp and complex projections
    Main software used: Photoshop, Nuke, Mari, 3DsMax, VRay, Forestpack and zBrush
  • February 2016 - July 2016

    Environment Generalist

    RISE | Visual Effects Studios

    Concept Art, 3D Modeling, Lighting, Rendering, Shading, Texture Painting, Sculpting and Digital Matte Painting
  • September 2015 - January 2016

    Digital Matte Painter


    Painting Concept Art, Digital Matte Paintings and 3D Generalist (Modeling, Lighting, Shading, Texturing)
  • October 2014 - August 2015

    Digital Matte Painter


    Creating 3D Matte Painting and environments for feature films

    - Monster Trucks // Environment Artist/Matte Painter // Paramount Pictures // Feature Film
  • October 2014 - November 2014

    Concept Artist


  • June 2014 - July 2014

    Digital Matte Painting Dozent

    SAE Institute

    I had three classes, two Game Design and one Film & VFX Class to show and teach how to create a matte painting for a film and/or game cinematic. As well as explaining a typical workflow in a feature film environment. Analyzing game cinematics and giving showreel tips for future 3D, environment and matte painting artists in the game and film industry.
  • February 2014 - June 2014

    Digital Matte Painter


    doing concept arts and digital matte paintings for feature films.

    - Guardians of the Galaxy // Marvel Studios // Digital Matte Painter / Concept Artist // Feature Film
    - Jupiter Ascending // Warner Bros. // Digital Matte Painter // Feature Film

    Bits and pieces for
    - Dracula Untold // Universal Studios ; Legendary Pictures // Digital Matte Painter // Feature Film
  • December 2013 - January 2014

    Matte Painter


    - Captain America 2 - The Winter Soldier // Marvel Studios // Matte Painter // Feature Film
    - Divergent // Summit Entertainment // Digital Matte Painter // Feature Film
    - Big Game // Digital Matte Painter // Feature Film
    - The Cut // Digital Matte Painter // Feature Film
  • May 2013 - November 2013

    Concept Artist Intern


    - Avengers 2 // Marvel Studios // Concept Artist // Feature Film
    - Captain America 2 - The Winter Soldier // Marvel Studios // Concept Artist // Feature Film
    - Wolfblood 2 // BBC // Digital Matte Painter
    - 7th Dwarf // Zipfelmützenfilm // Concept Artist // Feature Animation Film
    - several visual developments and pitches for unannounced feature films, television and commercial projects from photoreal to full animation projects

    Concept Art and Digital Matte Painting
  • February 2013 - April 2013

    VFX Intern

    lumalenscape GbR

    Compositing, Digital Matte Painting, Concept Art, 3D Generalist
    - Ab in den Urlaub - Commercial / TV Spot - Pre Vis / Matte Painting / Compositing / Tracking
  • 2011 - October 2012

    Freelance Illustrator

    Atlantis Verlag

    Creating/Painting of book covers for the german sic-fi and fantasy publisher Atlantis
  • SAE Institute Leipzig

    Nov - Nov
  • Gutenbergschule Leipzig

    Nov - Nov