Paul Steckler

Paul Steckler

I direct software engineering teams and have a lot of fun


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I started my career in what now seems the dark ages: I worked as a test intern on Word for DOS. Since then a lot has changed. I now lead the program management and design team for a research lab. I've spent time working in Zurich and Paris.

I am driven to constant improvement of myself and my work. I enjoy spending time with my teams; work is always better if you can have fun.
Work History
  • February 2011 - Present

    Group Program Manager, FUSE La


    FUSE Labs develops, and delivers new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work that allow people to create, connect and collaborate with what matters to them.

    Our recent projects include:
  • June 2008 - February 2011

    Principal Group Program Manage

    Musiwave - a Microsoft subsidiary

    I manage the program management team for Musiwave, a Microsoft acquisition and subsidiary. The key goals for this work:
    1. Integrate the PM team into Microsoft culture, processes
    2. Build a world-class PM team in Paris
    3. Transfer the best knowledge from the startup world of Musiwave to our colleagues at Microsoft

    Managing the team includes:
    * Direct management of career, skills growth, and training for the team members
    * Setting the vision, direction, and key areas of work for the team
    * Recruiting, hiring for all Program Manager positions
    * Developing
  • November 2007 - May 2008

    Senior Program Manager Lead


    Working to grow a new development center for Microsoft in Zurich, Switzerland. This involves bringing Microsoft HQ's best practices to a remote office as well as brining the "startup" experience from Desktop Search.
  • August 2004 - November 2007

    Group Program Manager


    · Individual contributor and lead on original Windows Desktop Search start up team
    · Co-designed UI and overall user experience
    · Co-designed “citizenship” algorithms for indexer
    · Shipped 3 versions of Windows Desktop Search
    · Presented Architecture, Extensibility, and Road-map for Windows Search at numerous conferences
    · Led design for a prototype new Desktop Search client
    · Managed team of 8 program managers
    · Responsible for overall Windows Search schedule
  • August 2002 - August 2004

    Lead Program Manager


    Lead Program Manager, Natural UI
    · Designed and developed .NET Search API for Windows.
    § Presented APIs at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2003
    · Lead effort to monitor and improve relevance algorithm
    · Directly managed 5 program managers
    · Responsible for all internal Microsoft partner relations
  • March 2001 - August 2002

    Program Manager


    Program Manager, Hailstorm aka .NET My Services
    · Designed client API for XML data services
    · Responsible for all schema for XML data services
    § Received 13 patents for these schema
    § Included: email, calendar, contact, task, document, notification, and presence
    · Managed internal Microsoft customers such as Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, and Exchange
    · Presented overall data model and schema at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2001
  • June 1998 - March 2001

    Program Manager

    Microsoft - Outlook

    Managed implementation of client/server symmetric store
    * Designed migration of existing customized forms to the new ASP model
    * Worked with the developer division to create a new editing tool for the ASP-based forms
    * Worked with Quality Assurance for a suite of performance benchmarks to ensure longterm performance and stability

    Designed new ASP-based programmability service

    Designed and managed overall Outlook ISV story
    * Managed user assistance resources in compiling MSDN content
    * Designed the upgrades to the existing object model
  • University of Washington

    Nov - Nov