Diogo Louro
Diogo Louro
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I'm a Designer, comfortable with moving forward. I'm eager to manage media and tech to tell a story, mine or any other I can relate to.
Video & Photography
@Atelier Nunes e Pã
"The ÁGUA MUSA Project consists of following through with a creatively guided undertaking that leads to the development of a family of themed crafts representing the Schist Villages. This activity consists of an exercise united around a common theme of universal understanding – Water – by exploring principles, techniques and pursuits that lead to reflection and creative thought seeking to fashion new proposals in the craft+design+nature trilogy."

Project Coordinator - João Nunes
Art Director - Ana Menezes
March 2012 - June 2012
Graphic Designer, Motion Artis
@Jungle Collective
Jungle Collective is a studio, co-founded with fellow designers and coders. A step out of academic environment, another into graphic design and digital media production market.

Even as a recently started studio, the graphic design, motion artist and video director roles were solicited, both for print, video promos and user experience previews, catered to local events, organizations, and kick-starting mobile apps.

More information to come.
August 2011 - June 2012
Co-Founder, Media Director
@NED - Núcleo de Estudantes de Design da Universidade de Aveiro
Aiming to fill the gap between students, teachers, and Design outside the course and campus, NED came to life through an online platform, public events and home-brew media, open to every student who wants to join in and spark up their own ideas.

I've since played the roles of Creator, News Writer & Editor-in-Chief of Design-UA.org, Video Director and Graphic Designer through the ads for our events, and creative assistant, as every other member, for every new idea NED embraces.
2010 - Present
Graphic Designer
@Associação Cultural Mercado Negro
Mercado Negro is a night cultural hub for music, movie and book lovers. In need of good posters and ads to convey their events, I've volunteered, with a few friends, to be part of an "on-call" designers team.

Recently Mercado Negro got around the funds to have a dedicated designer.
2010 - 2011
Oeste.TV is a growing news and doc. online channel for the Portuguese west events, with which I've had the pleasure to collaborate in two separate occasions, as an on-location reporter:

2008 - Videogames Live: http://www.oeste.tv/televisao/?v=NDU2
2010 - Star Wars In Concert: http://www.oeste.tv/televisao/?v=NTY3
2008 - 2010
@Universidade de Aveiro
Aveiro - Portugal
September 2009 - Present